City of Eldorn

Session 8: The Watcher in Eli Quarter

While on the S.S. Choppa…

the group had trouble sleeping through the night. Ander kept hearing the sound of movement in the cabins, and upon investigating thought that it is probably some sort of spirit left over from Ransack’s activities.

Larry, Mo, and Curly, demanded that they get a more concrete contract. 2 GP per month, per person.

Mal asked what the group planned on doing, and at Nero’s suggestion they decided to try to work back across Eldorn to get the Kor Key back to the Holy Army. Mal informed them that in order to do that they would need to pass through the Eli Park and go along Brambleberg Route.

Upon arriving they began to see elves along the streets. They would avoid them and hide while the group passed along the upscale houses. When they reached the edge of the park, the group saw some Eldrine flowers. While Ander tried to cut it and put it into his bag, Kid decided to attempt to inhale directly from the flower. The spores of the flower flooded his lungs, but he was able to withstand the effects of powerful narcotic not once but twice! Illidan on the other hand did not fair so well, and began to see elves and hear voices, especially from his talking bear.

A blue mist surrounded the park but the party, along with Mal the tracker, soon entered into the mist and found themselves passing through a stone archway, carved with heros of the past, and a lamp in the middle of the area. The stone walls and hedged pathways, created clear paths, yet whenever they choose the wrong path, they were forced back through the stone arch. The mysterious power of the mist obscured reality in this place and confused the adventurers.

While in the gardens, a group of specters attacked them. They mistook Fraggle for being Taggle, his father, who is said to have betrayed the Eldorn guard in their time of need. He denied his betrayal to the group. While moving through the garden, Kid split away from the group and quickly found his way through the maze. He came face to face with two specters, and while he had the arcane torch with its fire in hand, he did not wish to engage the specters. He attempted to reason with them but they would not have it. They blamed the races of the world for encroaching on Eldorn. He said an army attacked the land, and that that army was followed by other races entering and plundering Eldorn for goods. The outsiders did not respect the sacredness of the city and the dead that lived here.

Yet holding his ground, and preparing to protect himself, Kid grasped for words to justify his intensions. He offered to help them. The specter, known as The Sight, accepted the help.

He asked the group to take back their life source, which is contained in the park, from a group of demons. In order to do this though, the group decided to procure some weapons from an armory to the north. The group prepared to move to the armory while being led by the specter.



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