City of Eldorn

Session 5: Ransack in Crateport

Yesterday you awoke in the sewers, moved through the empty streets and past the vacant houses of the city of Eldorn. Cri’to Wak’in told you that Rose petals are a powerful mixture for defeating demons. He also told you that a shining man had had his wings removed from his back and sold you some of the “feathers”. Leaving Peram Em’ori to tend to his wounded soldiers and rejoin the rest of the Holy Army. He was grateful to you and promised you protection should the day come later. Before leaving Rogdor, spirit of might, unleashed Fraggle’s inner fire by touching the Rogdor’s orb. Likewise, Ander spend some time with Cri’to learning to his voodoo. This shamanistic spirit magic, complemented Ander’s previous understanding of divine magic and allowed him to command spirits to manipulate nature and heal wounds.

Climbing or walking in the case of Nero’s horse, you took to the road and began to chase Ransack and his Bal’Orc band across Eldorn. At first they had the advantage. The Bal’Orc rode the backs of Dire Wolves and the large thick skinned ridge nosed elephant-like kodo. Yet as hours past Ander’s tracking skills, and knack for finding shortcuts that Ransack could not take began to pay off. After being stopped in the dangerous elven territory of the elf Sylvias, you convinced him to sell you a trio of elvish horses in exchange for your Eldite Pendants.

After a rocky start, your horses eventually reached the top of a steep incline, pierced by stone. You came upon a group of Bal’Orc, dressed as they typically would, and their Kodo. After putting up a fight, in which Fraggle became quite wounded, our adventurers claimed Ransack would have reinforcements as they neared their base. Whether this was true would wait for another day, the party took refuge in the shadow of a rocky pertrusion and slept for the night. When they awoke the next day they realized that Fraggle’s tent and horse, and well… Fraggle were no where to be seen.

Meanwhile in a fort not too far from the waking adventurers, Fraggle wakes to see a halfling of unusual leanness with a large book walks into the room. He opens the book before you pulls out his glasses and says… “Alright let’s get this over with. Where are you from?”

Fraggle at length answers “The Quiet Hills”. The hobbit responds “Foreigner eh? Alright I”ll read the rights that Copernica offers you."

You have the right to a fair trial in the coming days. As Pelor as a witness, your testimony begins here to the Sentinel, keeper of the Peace, may be used in court for or against you. As a foreign resident you do not have the legal rights to an advocate on your behalf. The Holy Empire of Copernica is under no obligation to recognize your rights from other realms. Notwithstanding (that means “in spite of that”, we recognize that your realm is entitled to the peace of Pelor and our Peace Keepers will not unduly cause you harm nor prevent you from the seeking of Holiness that Pelor allows you. May Righteousness Protect us.

Got that out of the way. Andrei, your turn! "

Andrei walks in. He demands that Fraggle tell him why he was trespassing in their territory without going through customs. His hatred for elves blinds him though and he refuses to believe that Fraggle might not be moving through the area for any reason other than trouble. Fraggle also tells him that he has no traveling companions, which he also won’t believe. Despite Fraggle’s requests for a copy of the law, Andrei grows tired of the lack of information and tries to torture it out using a divine spell to burn Fraggle arm. Fraggle hits Andrei back and Andrei has him beaten and taken to his cage.

Meanwhile the group has gotten lost in the woods. Nero has grown strangely silent, and Ander and Kid have begun to argue. Soon they run across a trail leading to the fort. They meet a surprisingly friendly half-elf in a dark cloak. Illidan, as he is named, tells the group that Fraggle has been carried to the fort. Kid, who doesn’t want to lose Ransack, argues with Ander, but eventually (based on a die roll) they decide to save Fraggle.

Kid and Illidan dress as Holy Guard soldiers in a careful plan to save Fraggle. Yet the plan begins to go awry once in the fort. When Andrei realizes that they are not soldiers of the Holy Army, he calls his men to arms. But in the nick of time, Nero enters speaking in a commanding yet gentle voice. He speaks of a greater threat that must be dealt with and after a few minutes he, much to Fraggle’s surprise, allows them all to leave without a trial. A greater threat would be dealt with that day.

They then traveled from the forest, across the fields and into the town of Crateport. It wasn’t long before they had ascertained the location Ransack and his crew from the townspeople.



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