Once a guard, but now he is a bookshelf


Once a guard for the lift to the lower armory, he died early in the Battle for Eldorn. Yet in death he remained to continue to guard the lift. His primary companion in this endeavor was the bookshelf that hid the secret passage way into the armory below. That being said, he could not actually move the books. In order to read them he would stand in the bookshelf, being ethereal and what not, and would slowly, millimeter by millimeter, move through each page of the books he so desperately wanted to read. Eventually he simply stopped being able to leave the bookshelf, and in time, became the bookshelf himself.

He asked for the name of the Eagles, in order.

Mordecai instituted the watch after many years of peace. He heard the rumblings of the war against the arcane and knew that the city would need more defenders. He built the Gold Feather Barracks and named himself Eagle, or leader of the watch.

After Mordecai died of old age, Mal Books a half-elf was an unlikely candidate to take up the watch. But believing in the good of the elven people as a whole, he was eager to help defend the city. Yet as the threat of war loomed larger he urged his city to take a side. He believed that while magic could be a powerful tool, it needed to be regulated and controlled. The failure of his nation to see that caused him to flee, never to be heard of again…

After him was Roland, who died in the Arcane Cataclysm, and in the chaos Taggle rose to defend the city. But Taggle’s position as Eagle was short lived and surrounded by controversy. Many believed he allowed the invaders to enter the city. Taggle disappeared and was followed by Lilith. Lilith protected her people as they fled in the Elven Exodus.

The final Eagle took the name of Bloodwing. As the elves were severed from their land, many of them cast aside their names in favor of descriptors.



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