City of Eldorn

Session 15

Rammok and the Risen Wing

A depressed Nero is drug out by Illidan. They decide that he should see a psychiatrist to help him… the best they have are some clerics to the north who might be able to cast cure light wounds… of the heart.

While walking to the North, the group totally ignores a lady being attacked by a troll. After the troll and wyvern combo fly away, Ander and Kid go looking for the lady. But the tracks suddenly disappear. Ander decides she probably flew away.

The group arrives at the shiny built spires of the Risen Wing, and its inn. They meet Oteppa Leafsprout, a older stately cleric adorned in gold. After telling him of their many adventures, Oteppa describes to them the god Rammok, the Vanquisher. The god Rammok came to Eldorn years after the fall of Eldorn. He promised protection to those that would follow him, but he demanded tribute from his new subjects. His presence poisons the land and fouls water supplies. He also tasked them with keeping his ark, an ornate box decorated in gold bracers and a spot with a funnel, kept over warm coals. A strange light shines from it. It is forbidden to open.

He mentioned that there were other groups in Eldorn likewise bound to other powerful entities, but made sure to reinforce that Rammok was the greatest of them, despite the many woes he brings upon their people.

When the wyvern and troll arrived, heralded by didgeridoo, to take tribute, Illidan tried to befriend the wyvern. The wyvern never attacked him (until he turned into a tasty tasty snake), but wouldn’t betray his master.

Meanwhile, Ander and Kid continued to offend the troll with their disbelief and naysaying. He became quickly upset with their demeanor and threatened them. Ander suggested that they go visit Rammok to see his wonder and spread the good news of his existence. They eventually agreed that they all should go see him, and the troll left to get another wyvern to carry the group back. When he left… they decided they should run instead of waiting for them to get back. Illidan ran in to get Nero, lied to Oteppa, further souring their relationship, tied Nero back to the bear, and ran out from the village.

Upon their arrival back to the village, the trolls were quite angry that the puny ones had run. They began to search… it didn’t take long for the troll who went North to find a wagon trail, follow it back, and find the house they were hiding in. After a long drawn out battle with many climbing on roofs, thickets of thorns, a moon beam from the sky, a very depressed color spray, and a water whip pulling the troll back towards the group, the troll was finally brought to the ground after Fraggle brought his great club into the spine of the green giant.

The group pulled the gold plates of armor off the troll’s back, packed up, and left, protected by Ander’s pass without trace spell. Nero was still so angry at them that he didn’t even tell them that trolls don’t die unless you use fire or acid on them.

5 days remain till the Demon Day



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