City of Eldorn

We started the session spending a day recuperating in an inn, now in the city of Eldorn (don’t remember which part specifically). We passed the time resting, but also talked to some of the other people who made the trip with us.

First we talked to Bagus Ironscale, a dwarf with a lisp. We spent a lot of time making fun of him, so he was kind of offended. Bagus had a cast over his leg injury from the prior day’s encounter. Nero convinced him he really needed a potion for that, so he ripped him off severely by charging 18 gold for it. At first he offered to sell it for 25 but he lowered the price because he was feeling “nice”. We talked more with Bagus and discovered he was interested in seeking out some dude who can see the future, but he didn’t know any details about it. We weren’t sure if we’d want to know our future, at least Kidd wasn’t sure, but we knew there was money to be made. We offered to help him for a price. We could have kept all the money we made on the side, but someone brought that up, so we’ll be expected to share 10% of whatever we get on the side from this quest. Also, Fraggle learned in the conversation that apparently Bagus had lived here since the whole incident in Eldorn – him and his dwarf buddies never left, something which Fraggle was very suspicious of.

Next we talked with an elf named Peram. Ander wasn’t paying very good attention so he doesn’t remember much from this conversation. Fraggle spent a lot of time oversharing with him about elf-life and such – Fraggle just decided he was an adult one day and that was that. Peram said he was visiting the homeland, but had never been here before. There was something we offered to help him with too, but don’t remember the details.

We rested up and started up the next day and heard a thud at the door. Everyone but Ander was frightened, so Ander opened the door to discover an arrow in the door, which he placed in his quiver. The arrow happened to have attached a note to the door, too, though the note was written in Orcish. Nero was able to read it – it said something along the lines of “I know what you did. XOXO Ransack <3”>. Ransack apparently had sloppy handwriting, as Nero had trouble reading his name right at first.

After that, we headed out into the streets and Kidd talked up the guards. Apparently there is some flash of light followed by a bunch of monsters that will happen again in seven days. Kind of a big deal and something that might affect our quests. After talking to the guards we had to decide what to do next. There was a barricade set up, and also some white stuff. The white stuff was jagged, like jagged bones – a fact which Kidd never paid attention to. We totally ignored the white stuff and climbed over the barricade, because what else would we do when faced with a barricade? Nero made a comment which Kidd totally took the wrong way.

After climbing over the barricade, we were immediately greeted by arrows, which were fired from bows. It was more of those dudes who like to dress up as orcs and generally do gang things like attack people. Fraggle offered them a chance to surrender, which never works. So we fought them. There were some fury of blows, daggers to kidneys, and Ander stabbed a man with a trident. Afterwards Ander made sure to steal some orc disguise clothes, though they were a size too big for him.

After that encounter, we saw some blood and peg leg in the street. Ander was shocked – he thought it must mean there are pirates in the area before he remembered the half-orc lady, Krisella, who had a peg leg. Kidd peered around the corner to notice some more of the orc-poser gang dudes hanging out. Fraggle climbed up on to the roof of a nearby building to get a better view. Those bad dudes were pulling what Fraggle determined to be sausages out of barrels. We assumed they were preparing for lunch, so gathered together on the roof, waiting to attack when they start eating. Fraggle got impatient and decided to initiate an attack, which led to our next battle.

This battle included Ransack, a mage dude, and a guy named Gar Gar who had a strong resemblence to Jar Jar Binks, and there were two other bad dudes too. Ander and Kidd were shooting dudes with arrows and/or daggers. Nero somehow scared off Ransack. Fraggle took a more hands on approach, but found himself with half the strength due to some mage magic. Another bad dude left the fight to check out a voice he heard. The voice was coming from behind the group of baddies and suggested it was planning to attack. During the fight, one of the bad dudes lit one of the sausages on fire and threw it at us. Kidd threw it back at them, and it turned out that it exploded. These were not your run of the mill sausages. No one was injured by the explosion as the only person in range was a bad dude who protected himself with his shield. Ander heard some dudes approaching through the street behind them, but decided not to engage them,so they would not be alerted yet. Nero did something Ander did not notice and the three dudes approaching became just one dude, as two of them ran back where they came from. Some stabbings, arrows, and punches later, the battle was over. None of our party was knocked out!

We looted some stuff afterwards, making sure to grab 3 exploding sausages for the road. We could not stay too long though, as we heard that more bad dudes were nearby. We could have stayed and fought some more, but we figured it would be good to recover from the fight before getting ourselves into deeper trouble. Ander used a grappling hook to create a tightrope to cross to another building, for a quick exit. Ander and Kidd crossed the tight-rope like pros, while Fraggle quite successfully did a flip whilst jumping across. Nero aka von was not feeling so good on his feet, so he took the long way out. He met one of those orc-poser dudes on the way, who suggested it was a good idea to get out. Nero already knew this, so he skedaddled out of there. We let the guards know about the dudes we encountered and discovered that while we were gone they had been fending off attackers.

And we lived happily ever after. The End. But I think that probably happened some years later and I am not sure if we all had happy endings.



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