City of Eldorn

In the previous session, Ander split up from the rest of the party to try to find the orb in the temple, but ended up captured when the party alerted the bad dudes.

This session, the party worked their way to rescue Ander, guided by the sounds of “Wonderwall” playing from Ander’s guitar. Upon rescuing him and discovering that Ander did no t find the orb, the party decided to look for the orb rather than pursue Ransack.

In the temple were 2 statues and an inscription on the floor. Fraggle for some reason decided to punch one of the statues. After Nero attempted reading the floor and sort of read the word “ki” (not “key”), Fraggle punched a statue again, which transported us to a new temple area.

In this new temple area we were greeted by the voice of Rogdor, who informed us we’d have to be deemed worthy to possess the orb, though he never explained to us what the orb could do. We wound up having to fight some tiger spirits who could teleport between bushes along the way. In the main room, we found 3 slots for RGB input – there were also 3 rooms we had to recover gems from to fill those slots. Each one was sort of a different puzzle. One involved an invisible floor that we solved with a lot of chalk that Ander had on him. That room also had laser eyes we had to shoot with arrows to keep closed. At the end of the invisible path there was a gem. Another room had a challenge of strength – Fraggle and Ander arm-wrestled to see who would compete, Ander won out and ended up winning the gem in this room against the opponent who I think was some sort of spirit (don’t remember exactly). In the 3rd room, there was some kind of pulley system to get the last gem.

After acquiring the 3 gems we placed them in the RGB slots to open the door to the final room in this area. Here we had to fight Rogdor and friends. Before the fight started, Ander and Fraggle had destroyed bushes to make sure they couldn’t be used by any tigers. Don’t remember the specifics of the battle, but we ended up winning and getting the orb from Rogdor.



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