City of Eldorn

February 5th Session Recap

Beginning of the Campaign

I realized tonight that I totally spaced on the session recap. Luckily I get off free since we cancelled this week’s. Naturally I remember the most about my portion, so it’s going to be the most detailed.

Session One – All Players Present

The campaign opened upon a customs office, situated in a gatehouse on the wall surrounding the lands leading to the city of Eldorn.

Fraggle, Nero and Ander all arrived several minutes apart from each other, and proceeded to wait in line until their turn to be evaluated as candidates for the journey to Eldorn.

Meanwhile, Kidd decided to avoid the gatehouse and scoped out a nearby break in the wall. By employing some trickery, Kidd was able to trick the guards into thinking a nearby bear was on the loose and slinked through the wall into the nearby woods. Once through the wall, Kidd encountered a sleeping man, whom he attempted to pickpocket. The attempt awoke the man, who, instead of responding violently, engaged in a conversation with Kidd and offered him a chance to join on a raiding venture. Kidd agreed.

Meanwhile, back at the gatehouse, Ander was ushered in for his interview as a candidate for the Eldorn journey, and passed it cleanly. Fraggle missed the call for his name and Nero went next, artfully dodging the questions about use of arcane magic, hiding his abilities from the interviewer, and making it in onto the caravan. Finally, Fraggle was present when his name was called, and was rushed through the interview by an impatient customs officer to also be accepted into the caravan.

The caravan left the next morning, bright and early. Fraggle oddly decided to jog alongside the caravan, while Nero rode his horse instead of hopping onto a cart.

Kidd followed Ransack’s raiding party, staying out of site of the caravan.

That evening, when the caravan had stopped, Kidd snuck into the camp towards an unguarded wagon, avoiding detection—or so he thought. As soon as he made it under the wagon, he noticed the monk who had been jogging alongside the caravan approaching, having heard Kidd make too much noise. Fortunately for the young rogue, hanging from the underside of the wagon helped him avoid detection, and the monk went back to his post. After quickly disabling the wagon by removing a pin from the axle, Kidd sneaked past the guards patrolling the perimeter and made it back to the woods undetected.

The next morning, Ransack and his party were waiting in the woods, ready to pounce as soon as the caravan began moving. As the first carts ventured off into the distance, the disabled wagon broke down after moving just a few feet. In the confusion of the moment, Ransack and his party charged out of the woods, wasting no time disabling the caravan members with nets, including Nasson. Believing the battle to be lost, Krisella turned and ran.. However Kidd, unwilling to shed innocent blood, stayed in the woods, awaiting the result of the battle.

The ensuing fight was nothing short of epic. Ransack fell to a flurry of blows from Fraggle’s iron fists before falling to one of the henchmen. Nero’s illusions tricked four of Ransack’s party to flee for their lives, however casting his magic caught the attention of one of the caravan members. Despite the effectiveness of his magic, Nero was not able to withstand the enemies surrounding him and fell in battle. Meanwhile, Ander let arrows fly into Ransack’s men, then turned towards Nero’s horse and mounted it, proceeding to joust with his fearsome trident until he was finally struck down by their overwhelming numbers.

As the dust settled, Ransack’s henchmen returned to their leader to find him with a knife pressed against his neck. Kidd took advantage of Ransack’s poor fortune and put their leaders life in danger, using it as leverage to force the henchmen to take their leader and leave the party alone.

Not knowing that it was Kidd who had caused the accident which set up the ambush, the party accepted him with open arms and invited him to join their journey. Kidd gladly agreed.

As they journeyed towards the city of Eldorn, the party encounters a path which, as they are told by the caravan leader, most likely leads to a den of Kobolds. The party can see the city of Eldorn on the horizon as they decide what to do next.


I don’t think this account gives nearly enough credit to Fraggle’s incredible damage output against Ransack. I mean, “a flurry of blows from Fraggle’s iron fists”? Fraggle knocked out a guy who started without hit points due to his incredible bare handed prowess based on a lifetime of practice in his first ever real world combat experience.

February 5th Session Recap

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