City of Eldorn

Session 15
Rammok and the Risen Wing

A depressed Nero is drug out by Illidan. They decide that he should see a psychiatrist to help him… the best they have are some clerics to the north who might be able to cast cure light wounds… of the heart.

While walking to the North, the group totally ignores a lady being attacked by a troll. After the troll and wyvern combo fly away, Ander and Kid go looking for the lady. But the tracks suddenly disappear. Ander decides she probably flew away.

The group arrives at the shiny built spires of the Risen Wing, and its inn. They meet Oteppa Leafsprout, a older stately cleric adorned in gold. After telling him of their many adventures, Oteppa describes to them the god Rammok, the Vanquisher. The god Rammok came to Eldorn years after the fall of Eldorn. He promised protection to those that would follow him, but he demanded tribute from his new subjects. His presence poisons the land and fouls water supplies. He also tasked them with keeping his ark, an ornate box decorated in gold bracers and a spot with a funnel, kept over warm coals. A strange light shines from it. It is forbidden to open.

He mentioned that there were other groups in Eldorn likewise bound to other powerful entities, but made sure to reinforce that Rammok was the greatest of them, despite the many woes he brings upon their people.

When the wyvern and troll arrived, heralded by didgeridoo, to take tribute, Illidan tried to befriend the wyvern. The wyvern never attacked him (until he turned into a tasty tasty snake), but wouldn’t betray his master.

Meanwhile, Ander and Kid continued to offend the troll with their disbelief and naysaying. He became quickly upset with their demeanor and threatened them. Ander suggested that they go visit Rammok to see his wonder and spread the good news of his existence. They eventually agreed that they all should go see him, and the troll left to get another wyvern to carry the group back. When he left… they decided they should run instead of waiting for them to get back. Illidan ran in to get Nero, lied to Oteppa, further souring their relationship, tied Nero back to the bear, and ran out from the village.

Upon their arrival back to the village, the trolls were quite angry that the puny ones had run. They began to search… it didn’t take long for the troll who went North to find a wagon trail, follow it back, and find the house they were hiding in. After a long drawn out battle with many climbing on roofs, thickets of thorns, a moon beam from the sky, a very depressed color spray, and a water whip pulling the troll back towards the group, the troll was finally brought to the ground after Fraggle brought his great club into the spine of the green giant.

The group pulled the gold plates of armor off the troll’s back, packed up, and left, protected by Ander’s pass without trace spell. Nero was still so angry at them that he didn’t even tell them that trolls don’t die unless you use fire or acid on them.

5 days remain till the Demon Day

Session 8: The Watcher in Eli Quarter

While on the S.S. Choppa…

the group had trouble sleeping through the night. Ander kept hearing the sound of movement in the cabins, and upon investigating thought that it is probably some sort of spirit left over from Ransack’s activities.

Larry, Mo, and Curly, demanded that they get a more concrete contract. 2 GP per month, per person.

Mal asked what the group planned on doing, and at Nero’s suggestion they decided to try to work back across Eldorn to get the Kor Key back to the Holy Army. Mal informed them that in order to do that they would need to pass through the Eli Park and go along Brambleberg Route.

Upon arriving they began to see elves along the streets. They would avoid them and hide while the group passed along the upscale houses. When they reached the edge of the park, the group saw some Eldrine flowers. While Ander tried to cut it and put it into his bag, Kid decided to attempt to inhale directly from the flower. The spores of the flower flooded his lungs, but he was able to withstand the effects of powerful narcotic not once but twice! Illidan on the other hand did not fair so well, and began to see elves and hear voices, especially from his talking bear.

A blue mist surrounded the park but the party, along with Mal the tracker, soon entered into the mist and found themselves passing through a stone archway, carved with heros of the past, and a lamp in the middle of the area. The stone walls and hedged pathways, created clear paths, yet whenever they choose the wrong path, they were forced back through the stone arch. The mysterious power of the mist obscured reality in this place and confused the adventurers.

While in the gardens, a group of specters attacked them. They mistook Fraggle for being Taggle, his father, who is said to have betrayed the Eldorn guard in their time of need. He denied his betrayal to the group. While moving through the garden, Kid split away from the group and quickly found his way through the maze. He came face to face with two specters, and while he had the arcane torch with its fire in hand, he did not wish to engage the specters. He attempted to reason with them but they would not have it. They blamed the races of the world for encroaching on Eldorn. He said an army attacked the land, and that that army was followed by other races entering and plundering Eldorn for goods. The outsiders did not respect the sacredness of the city and the dead that lived here.

Yet holding his ground, and preparing to protect himself, Kid grasped for words to justify his intensions. He offered to help them. The specter, known as The Sight, accepted the help.

He asked the group to take back their life source, which is contained in the park, from a group of demons. In order to do this though, the group decided to procure some weapons from an armory to the north. The group prepared to move to the armory while being led by the specter.

Session 5: Ransack in Crateport

Yesterday you awoke in the sewers, moved through the empty streets and past the vacant houses of the city of Eldorn. Cri’to Wak’in told you that Rose petals are a powerful mixture for defeating demons. He also told you that a shining man had had his wings removed from his back and sold you some of the “feathers”. Leaving Peram Em’ori to tend to his wounded soldiers and rejoin the rest of the Holy Army. He was grateful to you and promised you protection should the day come later. Before leaving Rogdor, spirit of might, unleashed Fraggle’s inner fire by touching the Rogdor’s orb. Likewise, Ander spend some time with Cri’to learning to his voodoo. This shamanistic spirit magic, complemented Ander’s previous understanding of divine magic and allowed him to command spirits to manipulate nature and heal wounds.

Climbing or walking in the case of Nero’s horse, you took to the road and began to chase Ransack and his Bal’Orc band across Eldorn. At first they had the advantage. The Bal’Orc rode the backs of Dire Wolves and the large thick skinned ridge nosed elephant-like kodo. Yet as hours past Ander’s tracking skills, and knack for finding shortcuts that Ransack could not take began to pay off. After being stopped in the dangerous elven territory of the elf Sylvias, you convinced him to sell you a trio of elvish horses in exchange for your Eldite Pendants.

After a rocky start, your horses eventually reached the top of a steep incline, pierced by stone. You came upon a group of Bal’Orc, dressed as they typically would, and their Kodo. After putting up a fight, in which Fraggle became quite wounded, our adventurers claimed Ransack would have reinforcements as they neared their base. Whether this was true would wait for another day, the party took refuge in the shadow of a rocky pertrusion and slept for the night. When they awoke the next day they realized that Fraggle’s tent and horse, and well… Fraggle were no where to be seen.

Meanwhile in a fort not too far from the waking adventurers, Fraggle wakes to see a halfling of unusual leanness with a large book walks into the room. He opens the book before you pulls out his glasses and says… “Alright let’s get this over with. Where are you from?”

Fraggle at length answers “The Quiet Hills”. The hobbit responds “Foreigner eh? Alright I”ll read the rights that Copernica offers you."

You have the right to a fair trial in the coming days. As Pelor as a witness, your testimony begins here to the Sentinel, keeper of the Peace, may be used in court for or against you. As a foreign resident you do not have the legal rights to an advocate on your behalf. The Holy Empire of Copernica is under no obligation to recognize your rights from other realms. Notwithstanding (that means “in spite of that”, we recognize that your realm is entitled to the peace of Pelor and our Peace Keepers will not unduly cause you harm nor prevent you from the seeking of Holiness that Pelor allows you. May Righteousness Protect us.

Got that out of the way. Andrei, your turn! "

Andrei walks in. He demands that Fraggle tell him why he was trespassing in their territory without going through customs. His hatred for elves blinds him though and he refuses to believe that Fraggle might not be moving through the area for any reason other than trouble. Fraggle also tells him that he has no traveling companions, which he also won’t believe. Despite Fraggle’s requests for a copy of the law, Andrei grows tired of the lack of information and tries to torture it out using a divine spell to burn Fraggle arm. Fraggle hits Andrei back and Andrei has him beaten and taken to his cage.

Meanwhile the group has gotten lost in the woods. Nero has grown strangely silent, and Ander and Kid have begun to argue. Soon they run across a trail leading to the fort. They meet a surprisingly friendly half-elf in a dark cloak. Illidan, as he is named, tells the group that Fraggle has been carried to the fort. Kid, who doesn’t want to lose Ransack, argues with Ander, but eventually (based on a die roll) they decide to save Fraggle.

Kid and Illidan dress as Holy Guard soldiers in a careful plan to save Fraggle. Yet the plan begins to go awry once in the fort. When Andrei realizes that they are not soldiers of the Holy Army, he calls his men to arms. But in the nick of time, Nero enters speaking in a commanding yet gentle voice. He speaks of a greater threat that must be dealt with and after a few minutes he, much to Fraggle’s surprise, allows them all to leave without a trial. A greater threat would be dealt with that day.

They then traveled from the forest, across the fields and into the town of Crateport. It wasn’t long before they had ascertained the location Ransack and his crew from the townspeople.

March 26th Session

In the previous session, Ander split up from the rest of the party to try to find the orb in the temple, but ended up captured when the party alerted the bad dudes.

This session, the party worked their way to rescue Ander, guided by the sounds of “Wonderwall” playing from Ander’s guitar. Upon rescuing him and discovering that Ander did no t find the orb, the party decided to look for the orb rather than pursue Ransack.

In the temple were 2 statues and an inscription on the floor. Fraggle for some reason decided to punch one of the statues. After Nero attempted reading the floor and sort of read the word “ki” (not “key”), Fraggle punched a statue again, which transported us to a new temple area.

In this new temple area we were greeted by the voice of Rogdor, who informed us we’d have to be deemed worthy to possess the orb, though he never explained to us what the orb could do. We wound up having to fight some tiger spirits who could teleport between bushes along the way. In the main room, we found 3 slots for RGB input – there were also 3 rooms we had to recover gems from to fill those slots. Each one was sort of a different puzzle. One involved an invisible floor that we solved with a lot of chalk that Ander had on him. That room also had laser eyes we had to shoot with arrows to keep closed. At the end of the invisible path there was a gem. Another room had a challenge of strength – Fraggle and Ander arm-wrestled to see who would compete, Ander won out and ended up winning the gem in this room against the opponent who I think was some sort of spirit (don’t remember exactly). In the 3rd room, there was some kind of pulley system to get the last gem.

After acquiring the 3 gems we placed them in the RGB slots to open the door to the final room in this area. Here we had to fight Rogdor and friends. Before the fight started, Ander and Fraggle had destroyed bushes to make sure they couldn’t be used by any tigers. Don’t remember the specifics of the battle, but we ended up winning and getting the orb from Rogdor.

February 17th Recap

We started the session spending a day recuperating in an inn, now in the city of Eldorn (don’t remember which part specifically). We passed the time resting, but also talked to some of the other people who made the trip with us.

First we talked to Bagus Ironscale, a dwarf with a lisp. We spent a lot of time making fun of him, so he was kind of offended. Bagus had a cast over his leg injury from the prior day’s encounter. Nero convinced him he really needed a potion for that, so he ripped him off severely by charging 18 gold for it. At first he offered to sell it for 25 but he lowered the price because he was feeling “nice”. We talked more with Bagus and discovered he was interested in seeking out some dude who can see the future, but he didn’t know any details about it. We weren’t sure if we’d want to know our future, at least Kidd wasn’t sure, but we knew there was money to be made. We offered to help him for a price. We could have kept all the money we made on the side, but someone brought that up, so we’ll be expected to share 10% of whatever we get on the side from this quest. Also, Fraggle learned in the conversation that apparently Bagus had lived here since the whole incident in Eldorn – him and his dwarf buddies never left, something which Fraggle was very suspicious of.

Next we talked with an elf named Peram. Ander wasn’t paying very good attention so he doesn’t remember much from this conversation. Fraggle spent a lot of time oversharing with him about elf-life and such – Fraggle just decided he was an adult one day and that was that. Peram said he was visiting the homeland, but had never been here before. There was something we offered to help him with too, but don’t remember the details.

We rested up and started up the next day and heard a thud at the door. Everyone but Ander was frightened, so Ander opened the door to discover an arrow in the door, which he placed in his quiver. The arrow happened to have attached a note to the door, too, though the note was written in Orcish. Nero was able to read it – it said something along the lines of “I know what you did. XOXO Ransack <3”>. Ransack apparently had sloppy handwriting, as Nero had trouble reading his name right at first.

After that, we headed out into the streets and Kidd talked up the guards. Apparently there is some flash of light followed by a bunch of monsters that will happen again in seven days. Kind of a big deal and something that might affect our quests. After talking to the guards we had to decide what to do next. There was a barricade set up, and also some white stuff. The white stuff was jagged, like jagged bones – a fact which Kidd never paid attention to. We totally ignored the white stuff and climbed over the barricade, because what else would we do when faced with a barricade? Nero made a comment which Kidd totally took the wrong way.

After climbing over the barricade, we were immediately greeted by arrows, which were fired from bows. It was more of those dudes who like to dress up as orcs and generally do gang things like attack people. Fraggle offered them a chance to surrender, which never works. So we fought them. There were some fury of blows, daggers to kidneys, and Ander stabbed a man with a trident. Afterwards Ander made sure to steal some orc disguise clothes, though they were a size too big for him.

After that encounter, we saw some blood and peg leg in the street. Ander was shocked – he thought it must mean there are pirates in the area before he remembered the half-orc lady, Krisella, who had a peg leg. Kidd peered around the corner to notice some more of the orc-poser gang dudes hanging out. Fraggle climbed up on to the roof of a nearby building to get a better view. Those bad dudes were pulling what Fraggle determined to be sausages out of barrels. We assumed they were preparing for lunch, so gathered together on the roof, waiting to attack when they start eating. Fraggle got impatient and decided to initiate an attack, which led to our next battle.

This battle included Ransack, a mage dude, and a guy named Gar Gar who had a strong resemblence to Jar Jar Binks, and there were two other bad dudes too. Ander and Kidd were shooting dudes with arrows and/or daggers. Nero somehow scared off Ransack. Fraggle took a more hands on approach, but found himself with half the strength due to some mage magic. Another bad dude left the fight to check out a voice he heard. The voice was coming from behind the group of baddies and suggested it was planning to attack. During the fight, one of the bad dudes lit one of the sausages on fire and threw it at us. Kidd threw it back at them, and it turned out that it exploded. These were not your run of the mill sausages. No one was injured by the explosion as the only person in range was a bad dude who protected himself with his shield. Ander heard some dudes approaching through the street behind them, but decided not to engage them,so they would not be alerted yet. Nero did something Ander did not notice and the three dudes approaching became just one dude, as two of them ran back where they came from. Some stabbings, arrows, and punches later, the battle was over. None of our party was knocked out!

We looted some stuff afterwards, making sure to grab 3 exploding sausages for the road. We could not stay too long though, as we heard that more bad dudes were nearby. We could have stayed and fought some more, but we figured it would be good to recover from the fight before getting ourselves into deeper trouble. Ander used a grappling hook to create a tightrope to cross to another building, for a quick exit. Ander and Kidd crossed the tight-rope like pros, while Fraggle quite successfully did a flip whilst jumping across. Nero aka von was not feeling so good on his feet, so he took the long way out. He met one of those orc-poser dudes on the way, who suggested it was a good idea to get out. Nero already knew this, so he skedaddled out of there. We let the guards know about the dudes we encountered and discovered that while we were gone they had been fending off attackers.

And we lived happily ever after. The End. But I think that probably happened some years later and I am not sure if we all had happy endings.

February 5th Session Recap
Beginning of the Campaign

I realized tonight that I totally spaced on the session recap. Luckily I get off free since we cancelled this week’s. Naturally I remember the most about my portion, so it’s going to be the most detailed.

Session One – All Players Present

The campaign opened upon a customs office, situated in a gatehouse on the wall surrounding the lands leading to the city of Eldorn.

Fraggle, Nero and Ander all arrived several minutes apart from each other, and proceeded to wait in line until their turn to be evaluated as candidates for the journey to Eldorn.

Meanwhile, Kidd decided to avoid the gatehouse and scoped out a nearby break in the wall. By employing some trickery, Kidd was able to trick the guards into thinking a nearby bear was on the loose and slinked through the wall into the nearby woods. Once through the wall, Kidd encountered a sleeping man, whom he attempted to pickpocket. The attempt awoke the man, who, instead of responding violently, engaged in a conversation with Kidd and offered him a chance to join on a raiding venture. Kidd agreed.

Meanwhile, back at the gatehouse, Ander was ushered in for his interview as a candidate for the Eldorn journey, and passed it cleanly. Fraggle missed the call for his name and Nero went next, artfully dodging the questions about use of arcane magic, hiding his abilities from the interviewer, and making it in onto the caravan. Finally, Fraggle was present when his name was called, and was rushed through the interview by an impatient customs officer to also be accepted into the caravan.

The caravan left the next morning, bright and early. Fraggle oddly decided to jog alongside the caravan, while Nero rode his horse instead of hopping onto a cart.

Kidd followed Ransack’s raiding party, staying out of site of the caravan.

That evening, when the caravan had stopped, Kidd snuck into the camp towards an unguarded wagon, avoiding detection—or so he thought. As soon as he made it under the wagon, he noticed the monk who had been jogging alongside the caravan approaching, having heard Kidd make too much noise. Fortunately for the young rogue, hanging from the underside of the wagon helped him avoid detection, and the monk went back to his post. After quickly disabling the wagon by removing a pin from the axle, Kidd sneaked past the guards patrolling the perimeter and made it back to the woods undetected.

The next morning, Ransack and his party were waiting in the woods, ready to pounce as soon as the caravan began moving. As the first carts ventured off into the distance, the disabled wagon broke down after moving just a few feet. In the confusion of the moment, Ransack and his party charged out of the woods, wasting no time disabling the caravan members with nets, including Nasson. Believing the battle to be lost, Krisella turned and ran.. However Kidd, unwilling to shed innocent blood, stayed in the woods, awaiting the result of the battle.

The ensuing fight was nothing short of epic. Ransack fell to a flurry of blows from Fraggle’s iron fists before falling to one of the henchmen. Nero’s illusions tricked four of Ransack’s party to flee for their lives, however casting his magic caught the attention of one of the caravan members. Despite the effectiveness of his magic, Nero was not able to withstand the enemies surrounding him and fell in battle. Meanwhile, Ander let arrows fly into Ransack’s men, then turned towards Nero’s horse and mounted it, proceeding to joust with his fearsome trident until he was finally struck down by their overwhelming numbers.

As the dust settled, Ransack’s henchmen returned to their leader to find him with a knife pressed against his neck. Kidd took advantage of Ransack’s poor fortune and put their leaders life in danger, using it as leverage to force the henchmen to take their leader and leave the party alone.

Not knowing that it was Kidd who had caused the accident which set up the ambush, the party accepted him with open arms and invited him to join their journey. Kidd gladly agreed.

As they journeyed towards the city of Eldorn, the party encounters a path which, as they are told by the caravan leader, most likely leads to a den of Kobolds. The party can see the city of Eldorn on the horizon as they decide what to do next.

Session 1: Crinsdale to Eldorn

The outpost of Crinsdale sits half a days walk from the Wall surrounding Eldorn. The West side of Eldorn, is built upon the edge of a great chasm that dives into the earth. Patrols are uncommon, but an unhealthy risk that carries a steep penalty for unregistered parties entering the city. On top of that, a Kor Key is required to actually open many of the gates in and out of the city. Entering the city would be difficult without said key. Therefore, at least at some level, entering the city requires the caravan.

360 Experience was handed out at the end with loot as well. David made out like a bandit.

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